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Quickly post "Gists" to GitHub

Drag and drop source code files or text to the menubar to quickly create a Gist on GitHub.


  •   Use anonymously or with your account
  •   Drag text or files to the menubar
  •   Create Gists from your clipboard
  •   Maintained Gists history menu
  •   Separate history for anonymous Gists
  •   Keyboard shortcut to create Gist
  •   Hover to see Gist description
  •   Service to create Gists from text
  •   ⌘ + P to toggle public Gist
  •   ⌘ + U to toggle anonymous Gists
  •   ⌘ + click to delete Gist
  •   ⌥ + click to edit Gist
  •   Notification center
  •   Open source


"Cheryl" - your url sharing assistant!

Designed for Google Chrome users! Share websites with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Messages, and Mail!


  •   Global hotkeys
  •   Share url from the menubar
  •   Designed for Google Chrome
  •   Notification Center


Express your "inner artist" with Polkadoole

Think you've created a masterpiece? Share it with your friends. Post it to your social networks. Show your Mom.


  •   Undo options
  •   Shake to clear the canvas
  •   Share to social networks
  •   Share via iMessage *iOS 7